Secret Single Behavior

Things that you do not want anyone else to see when you are all alone at home. I am in a relationship and love to be with my boyfriend. However every girl needs some quality-me time right? When I am all alone I love to do girly stuff that he doesn’t know about. I love to watch girly tvshows (Sex and the City, vlogs, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Keeping up with the Kardashians). Next to the silly superficial things I like to watch I also groom myself like there is no tomorrow. Eating random things at random hours without anybody saying something about it. Going to the toilet with the door open, dressing up and making selfies. Yes I think that there are just some things you are a little embarrassed about while doing it with someone else in the room. Of course everytime I get more and more comfortable, but there are just some things that he might NOT want to see and you want to keep it to yourself. Girls poo flowers after all.